What services do you provide?

Editing, proofreading, writing, Terra Dotta site maintenance, moderating,  web copy creation/updating, copy editing, critiquing, and consulting.

Will you provide a free sample and/or consultation?

Of course. You can find several samples of my work on this site or on my LinkedIn page. If you’d like to chat about a project, feel free to email. I will supply a free consultation to estimate what your needs might be. If you are interested, send a five-page sample of your work. I’ll take a look and develop rates for specific projects. Call and ask, I can create custom rates to better fit your budget and the amount of time required.

How much will this cost me?

I typically follow Editorial Freelance Association guidelines to develop my per hour rate.

What are your hours?

Email is the best way to make first contact. As a freelancer, I generally set my own hours for work.

Will you write my term paper/thesis/book report?

Not a chance. Aside from the entire plagarism thing, I won’t do this for my kids, much less someone else.

However, I have years of experience helping reporters, college students and others. I’d be happy to quote you a price to proofread your paper or college entrance essay for style and grammar. I have experience with APA, Associated Press, Legal Blue Book and Chicago stylebooks.

Can you edit/provide either American or UK grammar and punctuation?

Yes. I proofread my brother-in-law’s master’s thesis for the University of Durham. I’m competent in both forms of English grammar.

What languages can you edit?

Just English. I can do rudimentary German translation, but I’ll warn you: I’m not fast. Most of my work in that vein has been done as research for my family’s genealogy work.

What will you edit?

You name it, I’ve edited it. Books, articles, magazines, newspaper copy, advertorials, ads, promotional materials, radio, video and television scripts, web copy.

How will you edit?

I prefer to use “Track Changes” in Word or WordPerfect. It is easier on all involved, as you can see what I’ve done, and respectfully disagree, if you so choose. It also allows me to easily insert notes for queries and comments. However, I can edit old-school: Bring on the paper and red pen! (I also use green, pink, purple and blue, if red stresses you out.)

Which style guides are you familiar with?

I can edit according to a variety of style guides (APA, Chicago, AP, Legal Blue Book).

Can I see who else you’ve worked with?

Yes, and yes. Click here to see a list of clients. Check out my profile on LinkedIn. You can see people I’ve worked with along the way. Ask them. They’ll tell you about my work ethic.

Why should I hire you?

Errors annoy me. When living in Springfield, Mo., it took restraint not to sneak down the street from my house — Sharpie in hand — to a shop where the sign said that they had “Purse’s” for sale.

If you hire me to write an article, I can be meticulous in my research and dogged in my pursuit of the story. I am a professional. I’m a member of the American Copy Editors Society in good standing, and a proud member of the Missouri Mafia (University of Missouri, BJ ’95).