Writer. Editor. Mom. Website nerd. Content strategy nerd. Seeker of solutions, especially if they involve people, databases and making content easier to access and understand.

I’m a writer and editor.

I also have experience in branding, project management, content strategy, database development, stylebook creation and customer relationship management.

I currently curate content using multiple channels to reach more than 10,000 employees. I also develop internal communications for executive leadership, marketing and public relations teams and frontline staff.

I consistently negotiate among teams and create collaborative groups to bring underfunded and understaffed projects into reality. I have project management experience using WorkFront and Basecamp.

Specialties: Content strategy; executive leadership, project management and team collaboration; feature and news writing; social networking efforts; article, book and magazine editing; crisis communication experience.

Content management systems: Valo/SharePoint 2019, Expression Engine, WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Dreamweaver, TerraDotta.

What I love to do

Writing and editing

Content development

Educating and mentoring

Stylebook development