Contact me with your project details. I offer free rate quotes.

Typically, my rates follow the Editorial Freelancers Association suggested rates.

How do I estimate the time any given project might take?

I calculate by the industry standard word count of 250 words per double-spaced page. I also have 15 years of experience; I can gauge a project’s complexity fairly well. For example, editing a fact sheet will not take as much time and concentration as editing a thesis.

Rates by service:

Editing & Proofreading Services: My rates differ based the type of editing and how quickly I am able to edit your subject matter. Engineering and architectural editing takes longer, simply because the subject matter is more complex.

Free editing consultation: If you would like a free editing consultation, please feel free to send me a five-page page sample. If your document is short, send the entire document. Fact sheets, for example, can take as little as 20 minutes each.

Hourly rates:

• Proofreading (3-10 pages/hour), $20-50/hour

• Copyediting (Medium) (5-10 pages/hour), $25-50/hour

• Substantive editing (Heavy) (2-5 pages/hour), $30-50/hour

• Content editing/Terra Dotta site assistance, $40/hour

I’m willing to negotiate yearly contracts for site assistance. Ask, and we can determine how many hours per month might work best and what the bulk rate discount might be a retainer.

Writing Services: I charge by the word count or by the hour. Rates vary depending on type of writing project (copywriting, press releases, etc.). Hourly rates: $15-75/hour.

Critiquing Services: Rates range from $3-7 per page or $30-70 per hour, depending on the depth of critique needed. I am happy to critique and proofread college entrance essays, scholarship essays, graduate school application essays, dissertations or rough drafts of thesis work. I will not write these pieces for you.

MINIMUM NOTE: A minimum of one hour ($20) will apply to most projects.

SHORT-NOTICE FEE: I will do projects with less than 48 hours of notice. However, I will charge double the typical rate to do so.

Also note: I charge a Sunday fee of $200 in addition to other fees if your project is so late I must work on a Sunday. (Example: Comes in late afternoon on Friday and is due first-thing Monday morning.) Sorry, that’s the one day I try to reserve for family. It makes me cranky to work on Sunday. Try to avoid it. We’re all happier that way.